FUNDRAISER to Provide Further Facilities and Opportunities for Cashmere High School

Following on from our successful fundraiser last year for the McCombs Performing Arts Centre, we are now providing you with the opportunity to assist the school to raise money to contribute to a fund that will give future generations a great school environment and experience. Over the past few years some buildings have been replaced including the PAC but a large part of our school has stood the test of time. However, some areas of the school could do with a “makeover”!
The school requires support in the form of funding for these numerous projects and the Cashmere High School Foundation Trust is providing the opportunity to connect with past pupils and the wider Cashmere community and seeks contributions to achieve this. To recognise your contribution, we still have seats remaining in the PAC that are yet to be named. This provides the opportunity to raise these funds by asking for gifts of $125.00 and we will acknowledge your gift by attaching an engraved name plate on a seat.
Pay online banking on or before 1st November 2020 to:
Cashmere High School Foundation 031594 0196091-00
Reference: Your name, phone number and Seating Donation,
then email:
with your name and seating plaque details (containing no more than 2 lines of 36 characters total). If your seat name is different to payment name please advise this in your email.
On behalf of all students, thank you for your support!
Call Michelle Corkindale on 027 544 5111 with any questions.
your gift will make you
part of the past, present and future of Cashmere High School