Giving back to Cashmere High School

Cashmere High School is going from strength to strength and continues to provide an opportunity for an education surpassing expectations. The extensive physical restructuring of the school following the earthquakes creates the opportunity for all Past Pupils and Friends of Cashmere High School to get involved in guiding the school into the new normal and facilitating a pride in our shared education experiences.

Whilst government funding has covered the majority of the repairs and redevelopment of Cashmere High over the past few years, the school has been left with a shortfall, motivating the Cashmere High Community to get involved in getting Cashmere High School from Great to even Greater.

Gifting at all levels can make this possible.

Cashmere High School Foundation Trust is a registered charitable trust with the Charities Commission #CC22995. This means that there are usually tax benefits in giving to the trust. 

Each donor’s situation is unique. Some donors will find it easiest to simply write a personal cheque entitling them to a tax rebate. Others may find it more tax effective to get tax deductions by donating through their family-owned companies or via their family trust.

Life Membership

To embrace this community fully, please join us in enrolling as a Lifetime Financial Member of the Cashmere High School Foundation Trust on the Past Pupils page

A one-off payment of $125 will keep you abreast of all the goings-on within Cashmere High School, and its network of Past Pupils and Friends for life, by way of:

  • Access to the Cashmere High School newsletters
  • A quarterly Past Pupils newsletter
  • Connection to the Cashmere High Community of Past and Present Students
  • Advanced notification of Past Pupil reunions and public Cashmere High events.

Payment can be made via the PayPal link on the registration page or by:

  • sending a cheque to the Cashmere High School Foundation Trust, P.O. Box 33485, Barrington, Christchurch 8244
  • banking direct, ref: “your name  – CHSFM”  Cashmere High School Foundation WESTPAC – 03-1594-0196091-00


Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated and can be made at any time using the above methods. You will get a receipt that you can use to claim a tax deduction.


It is also becoming increasingly popular for people to look at supporting their communities by earmarking donations through a bequest. If this appeals to you the Cashmere High School Foundation Trust encourages you to talk with your legal advisor about updating your will and defining your bequest. 

Whatever the size of your gift, whether it’s a Life Membership, a one-off donation, or part of a regular giving scheme, it is your participation that is crucial and valued. Your gift really does make a difference.