Cashmere High Success in National Reading Competition

At the end of 2018 Cashmere High School won the New Zealand Readers’ Cup – a national trophy for Year 9 reading comprehension.

This national competition is a chance for Year 9 students to read a pre-selected list of books and pit their comprehension and memory skills against other teams to win regional and national prizes. Teams of four students (plus reserve) read five to six books and learn everything there is to know about the stories, from minute details to broad overarching concepts and themes. Cashmere High School’s team of Maddie Carter, Polly Daniels, Arabella Lay, Isla McLarin and Elizabeth Milne won the Aoraki regional event, then went on to win the National event against four other schools, one from each major region. Following on from this awesome achievement, the team will now share their experiences as part of coaching the 2019 Year 9 Readers’ Cup team.