Cashmere High School Foundation Trust

The Cashmere High School Foundation Trust is a New Zealand registered Charitable Trust established in 2009 to; connect the Alumni and Friends of Cashmere High School, foster their continued interest in their school, and to facilitate opportunities to benefit the past, present and future students of Cashmere High School.

The purpose of the Cashmere High School Foundation Trust is to raise and accept funds for the betterment of Cashmere High School, provide custodial care for these funds, and expend them in line with Cashmere High School’s vision and objectives to fund the purchase of capital items, equipment and facilities that are not otherwise provided by the government. It is a separate entity from the school and is a registered charitable trust. Donations qualify for a tax rebate.

The current Cashmere High School Foundation Trustees are:

Chair – Nigel Watson (Current Parent CHS 2016 – )

Deputy Chair – Katherine Trought (Past Pupil CHS 1974 – 1978)

Treasurer – Graeme Cook (Past Pupil CHS 1957-1961 & Member of Foundation Pupils Association)

Secretary – Anne Johnson (Past Pupil CHS 1958-1961)

Trustee – Joe Eccleton (Principal)

Trustee –  Michelle Corkindale (Past Pupil CHS 1970-1972)

Trustee – Kevin Coutts (Past Pupil CHS 1957 – 1961)

The Foundation Trust would be very grateful for all and any financial contributions towards their aims of helping to enhance and improve the educational opportunities and experiences of our students at Cashmere High School.

If you would like more information or would like to support Cashmere High School through the Foundation Trust, please email: